Graphene Valley's 25 billion dollar research project is the worlds largest graphene project


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The Graphene Valley Project is the World's largest Graphene Project and is sponsored by a consortium of the World's Leading Companies, Corporations, Foundations, Universities, VC's and Governments.

Graphene Valley's objective is to create a better World through advanced Graphene Technology Research & Development.

With the Twenty Five Billion Dollar Graphene Valley Project, Graphene Valley in California is projected to become the largest Graphene Research Center of the World.

Upon completion in 2042 Graphene Valley in Southern California will span more than 25,000 acres, covering an entire Valley Plateau. It will contain over 250 independent research Laboratories and be home to more than 5,000 of the World's Leading Graphene Scientist, Physicist and Graphene Researchers. The Graphene Valley will comprise a projected investment of Twenty Five Billion Dollars by 2042 and is projected to grow even larger by the end of this century.

Graphene of America, one of Graphene Valley's Founders, will offer a limited number of Grants to select American Companies, Corporations, VC's, Universities and Foundation.

The initial stage of construction will be the Central Founders Circle of Geodesic Domes containing multiple Laboratories and Housing for scientists, Meeting Halls, VIP centers and VIP Penthouses plus large scale 3D Graphene Printer for Graphene Prototyping and Graphene Manufacturing.

Laboratories and living quarters will be located within the spacious Graphene Research Park with each Corporation, Company, University and Foundation having their own independent geodesic Domed building containing six complete Laboratories.

Each of the laboratory is over 25,000 square feet and each complex consists of six separate geodesic dome laboratory buildings and a larger central geodesic dome for meetings. Each complex contains 36 laboratories and totals over one hundred thousand square feet, plus up to ten acres of surrounding landscaped park for each complex.

Once the Foundation Stage is completed, subsequent and building lots and Geodesic Domed Buildings will naturally become progressively smaller and Located outside the Premium Founders Circle in the center of Graphene Park. So time is of the essence as only a very limited number of Founders Lots, Founders Laboratories and Founders Grants are available.

To help America become the Leading Edge in Graphene Technology, Graphene of America is proud to be a Founding Sponsor of the World's Largest Graphene Research Project, the 25 Billion Dollar:

Graphene Valley Project TM

"California's Graphene Valley" is poised to become the World's leading Graphene Research Center this century; very much like California's

"Silicon Valley"

Became the World's leader in Computer and Internet Technology last century. Graphene, because of it's universal application potential, is expected to provide an even greater benefits to California's Economy and America's Future than Silicon Valley and the Computer Industry did last century.

Graphene of America's goal is to advance Graphene Research in the United States to insure America will keep pace with the rest of the world this Century in Graphene Technology.

Graphene could be the most important Technology to appear in this century and may well exceed all previous Technologies including all computer and electronic technology since Graphene integrates with virtually all materials and technologies to make them faster, stronger, lighter and simply better than they were before.

The TAM (Total Applicable Market) of Graphene Technology is massive, probably in the Trillions of Dollars, since it includes virtually all currently manufactured goods and all future Consumer Products, Electronics, Computers, Automobiles, Airplanes, Space Exploration and the Defense Industry. Graphene is also projected to be the solution to presently inadequate technologies for a practical and efficient and permanent Salt water desalination filter, which, when completed, will provide the world with unlimited pure fresh water from ocean water.

It should be noted that Graphene of America, a Sponsor of Graphene Valley, will only make a maximum of One Grant available per industry and reserves the right to discontinue offering grants at any time, without prior notice.

The CEO of Graphene of America may be contacted here for more information concerning Grants and The Graphene Valley Project.




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